Getting to the closing table is of the utmost importance to me. Just as important to me if not more is seeing my clients out and about over the following weeks and having them be happy to see me. My career is made not by deposited checks but by the support and referrals that I receive from my satisfied clients. I am very proud of my reviews and invite you to read through all of them below. If you are a past client, please feel free to click the link below to submit your own review.

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neilcusson reviewed Doug Govoni
04/21/2017 Helped me buy a home

From the moment we met Doug, we immediately felt comfortable. He provided us with support and patience throughout a process that can be stressful. It was clear that Doug was dedicated to helping us find a home we loved and we are so thankful for the time and guidance he gave in doing just that! We even had a few laughs along the way, which were always welcomed!

csampson35 reviewed Doug Govoni
03/26/2017 Helped me buy a home

Doug was great to work with in this somewhat unusual long distance purchase. He was quick to respond to my requests and questions and was quite knowledgeable about the entire process. He was very accommodating to my children and their work schedules.

user7914388 reviewed Doug Govoni
03/20/2017 Helped me buy a home

Doug is not only a great realtor but he is a great guy. He was
a big help navigating the process as Gina and I bought our
first home. Doug is unassuming, responsive, reliable,
knowledgeable and he has a great sense of humor to top it
off. If you want to buy the perfect house, you should start with
the perfect realtor. Do yourself a favor, call Doug Govoni.
I promise that you will be happy you did. We are!!

philipemmott reviewed Doug Govoni
08/31/2016 Helped me sell a home

Doug was very patient with us which was a huge plus. He stuck with us through the entire process and was always very easy to get in touch with. He was always professional and easy to work with. We would highly recommend him as an agent.

dkelliherdesigns reviewed Doug Govoni
08/26/2016 Helped me buy a home

We had a great experience working with Doug as a buyer’s agent in the South Shore area. From the first day we contacted him, Doug was always quick to respond to any emails or texts. We lived about 2 hours away from the area we were looking to buy, so we always had limited weekend times available to see homes. Doug always found a way to make time to get us in to see any properties we wanted to see, when we wanted to see them. He even found a way to squeeze in last minute showings on properties we found while we were out looking. When we finally found the right property, it was a competitive situation with multiple offers on a foreclosure. Doug really came through by staying fully connected to the situation and ensuring that we had the top offer ‘just a hair’ over the next highest offer. He then carried us through successfully until closing. I can honestly say that after a difficult several months of looking for the perfect home in a very tough market, my wife and I both consider Doug not just our agent, but also a friend.

pamfarrar2 reviewed Doug Govoni
08/16/2016 Helped me sell a home

Doug was extremely helpful, professional, understanding of our needs, walked us through the entire process, was always cheerful and courtesy. I would highly recommend him!

GZirngiebel reviewed Doug Govoni
02/17/2016 Helped me buy a home

We just bought our first home and the process couldn’t have gone any smoother. Doug had a great knowledge of the area and is a real people person. This is something you’ll realize the minute you meet him. He made the paperwork a breeze by sending everything over email with the e-signature format. This saved us many trips back and forth on route 3. When it came down to talking price, Doug had a great feel for the market and was never afraid to ask the tough questions when negotiating with other realtors. He’s got a great reputation and made the whole experience very enjoyable. If you are looking for a realtor, I highly suggest you contact Doug Govoni.

ryanpiccinin reviewed Doug Govoni
01/21/2016 Helped me buy a home

My wife and I were both first time home buyers and we couldn’t of asked for a better Realtor. Doug made it look effortless on his part and made buying our first home a pleasurable experience.

Doug was attentive to what we were looking for in a home and was able to bring us up to speed with regards to today’s fast moving housing market.

Doug was quick with responses and handled everything in a proficient and professional manner. The advice that Doug provided was spot on to what the housing market was dictating at that time. When we got somewhat stuck at a crossroads during negotiation, Doug was able to pull through and reason with the seller’s while advocating for my wife and I.

I would highly recommend Doug Govoni to someone looking for a home in the Plymouth area. We couldn’t of asked for a better Realtor and will use Doug again if the time comes.

kboudreaux27 reviewed Doug Govoni
01/11/2016 Helped me buy a home

I can’t say enough about how incredibly happy my husband and I were to have worked with Doug. We were first time home buyers and really didn’t have much clue as to what we were doing. Doug sat us down and explained the whole process in terms that we could understand. He set up countless showings with us and took time away from his family to help us find our dream home. When one house that we had our heart set on fell through Doug was there to help us find the one we dreamed of.

He is quick to respond to text and email, he always has an answer and if doesn’t, he knows where to find one.

Doug is knowledgable about the structural things an inspector would look at. He was able to tell us right away if something looked good or if it might be a concern. Being first time buyers this was wonderful, as we had really no idea what to look for.

He understood all the legal terms and jargon (for lack of a better word) and was able to help us navigate all the paperwork and understand what we were signing and why were were signing it. There were no surprises.

I really appreciated Doug’s honesty. He would tell us what he thought of a house, what it’s pros and cons were, and if he thought we could do better, or if it just wasn’t what we needed. He encouraged us to be hopeful and enjoy the buying process, but also to be realistic. He reminded us of what we decided we wanted before we set out, so when I saw a house that “had so much potential” he was quick to remind me that I didn’t want to do a whole ton of repairs 🙂 He seemed genuinely happy for us and our excitement but was also able to keep our feet on the ground.

Doug was nothing but wonderful and I really can’t say enough good things about him. This whole process was something we have looked forward to for a long time and I’m so glad that Doug was there to help us. He can not come more highly recommended.

jcboudreaux reviewed Doug Govoni
01/06/2016 Helped me buy a home

My wife and I were first time home buyers and had just moved to Massachusetts, so to put it nicely we were completely clueless. Doug was a godsend. At our first meeting, he walked us through how the entire process would work from the pre-approval to closing, and then was there with us every step of the way.

I felt like he genuinely had our interests in mind and wasn’t just trying to get us in a house. There were a couple houses we looked at where he was honest and told us “I think we can do better.” That meant a lot, especially as a first time homebuyer with no real knowledge of the market or what to fully expect.

The other thing I really liked about Doug was how thorough he was during a walk through of a property. He would closely examine the furnace, electrical, roof, siding, and other major components of the house and check out their condition. He’d give us a candid assessment of how he thought these components might hold up in the coming years, and help us get an idea of potential repairs in the future.

jonathanstasinos reviewed Doug Govoni
07/20/2015 Helped me buy and sell a home

Doug came to me through a good friend who used doug for his home purchase. I told my friend I was looking to purchase a new home, he strongly recommended Doug. After my past home buying experience with other realtors I was excited to work with someone who came so highly recommended. Doug made my home buying experience fantastic and easy. Doug always made himself available, even if it meant driving through two feet of snow for a home inspection.

I could not be happier with Doug and my experience, even after the whole deal was done Doug has been very helpful with recommending different contractors and guiding me through some home improvements. I have already recommended Doug to family and friends, I will be working with Doug for any future needs.

erich jeanmaire reviewed Doug Govoni
07/06/2015 Helped me buy a home

I was looking at a small house in Norwood and called Doug so I could get in the house (he was listed on Zillow under the home). I’ll be honest, I had no intention of locking myself in with an agent, but that completely changed. Doug was an absolute asset to me. Seriously. The things I put this guy was absurd! We saw every house in Massachusetts (or so it felt like – I’m a picky guy) and he never lost the ambition to find me a home. Not only that, but we started looking in the dead of winter, with 5+ feet of snow on the ground, and this guy was trudging through it with loafers and full suit. I kept saying next time wear boots. But he never did. He was digging through some of the grimiest, grossest, weirdest homes I’d ever seen and never once did he complain or give up. He won me over quickly. I feel very lucky, now that I’ve found the home of my dreams, that I had Doug by my side. He was there when I needed him (always!). He made the process painless. He’s extremely smart about homes and the process. And honestly, I left the whole experience with a genuinely good friend at the end. I’m just so very grateful for the long days and hard work he put in. If you’re looking for a smart, honest, genuine person, this is your guy! He also plays in a really good band on the weekends, but don’t tell him I told you that!

martind1 reviewed Doug Govoni
06/17/2015 Helped me buy a home

Doug was an absolute pleasure to work with. Accommodating to my schedule and narrow windows to fit in visits. He was an absolute asset when viewing homes. He was pointing out things, both positive & negative, I would have missed and had great explanations for questions I had. He seemed well informed & knowledgeable but was able to admit when he wasn’t certain on the answer.
He really seemed to understand what we were looking for after a few visits and was able to help us stay on track and not compromise on that. Quick to respond to a random e-mail about a new property that popped up overnight that I was interested in. He really made us feel like we were the top priority.

Although I’m very pleased with the house we ended up with I look forward to working with Doug again in the future and will definitely give his name to anyone I know who is looking to buy or sell.

devongovoni reviewed Doug Govoni
06/16/2015 Helped me sell a home

Doug Govoni is the best realtor in New England. The rationale for such a bold statement is because he made the entire home buying process feel like a television buying process. Doug was available every time I reached out with questions or for advice. He is a natural at navigating the real estate circuit and knows some pretty amazing mortgage folk at RMS mortgage out of Middleboro. Doug and his colleagues were all charismatic, professional, well informed, and just plain cool. Doug Govoni falls clearly into legend status and you would be lucky to have him as your realtor for all of your home shopping needs! Thanks Doug!

coastalpines reviewed Doug Govoni
09/26/2014 Helped me buy a home

Doug made our home buying process so easy for us. We were new buyers and very unsure of the whole situation. Doug professionalism and desire to help us find our dream home made the buying experience so easy and enjoyable. We heard a lot of nightmare stories about buying a home and getting the closing done, but honestly we had none of that because Doug’s promptness and hard work.

mattj9680 reviewed Doug Govoni
09/24/2014 Helped me buy a home

Doug was amazing to work with!! He met all of mine and my wife’s needs! He had no problem showing me a house at 5:30am or at 8pm. I have recommended Doug to everyone I know and have heard the horror stories of the my friends who did not listen to me and went with a different Realtor.

I found Doug very knowledgeable about the process of purchasing my first home as well as the areas (towns) in which we looked to purchase. As a teacher I wanted to live out of district and still have a short commute and Doug was able find me a home I could afford and met all my demands.

I will use Doug Govoni when I sell my current home and when I purchase my next home and continue to highly recommend him.

user0535918 reviewed Doug Govoni
09/18/2014 Helped me buy a home

From beginning to end, immaculate. When we first started working with Doug he picked our brains to find out every detail we were looking for. Within a day, he had five listings for us to go and visit with appointments already setup. As picky buyers, we of course had to see more and with a smile and can do attitude he said no problem. After a few weeks we were putting in an offer and moving into escrow. Doug followed through with everything, recommended a great mortgage company, walked around with an inspector for five hours and made sure that every detail was taken care of upon signing the last document. A true gentlemen. I am happy to walk away from one of the more stressful events in a persons life with a great experience and great friend. Thanks again Doug!

meaghanobrien reviewed Doug Govoni
09/18/2014 Helped me buy a home

We worked with Doug to purchase our home. As first time home owners the process as first seemed overwhelming. Doug was patient with us and walked us through every step. Doug listened to what we wanted in a home and set up appointments for places tha met our wish list. After just a few weeks of looking we found our dream home and closed quickly. Doug is highly recommend.

klh81910 reviewed Doug Govoni
09/17/2014 Helped me buy a home

As a first time buyer, I was going into the home buying process blind. I had heard so many horror stories about realtors who are only concerned about their commission and would readily let you purchase a home you really couldn’t afford. Doug Govoni is so NOT that person!

Doug took the time to sit down with me to talk about excatly what I was looking for, where I wanted to live and what I could afford to pay. He pretty much made himself available whenever I had a question or wanted to look at a home. More importantly, it was a rocky road for me trying to get the funding I needed and I almost gave up. Doug didn’t let that happen. He always encouraged me to stick with it and reminded me that there was light at the end of the tunnel. He was right.

Thanks to Doug, I found the perfect home and couldn’t be happier. I can’t say it was painless, but his encouragement and sense of humor kept me from giving up. Rarely do you meet somebody this honest and dedicated to what they do.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Doug to anyone looking to buy or sell. He’s the best!

NickHartman6 reviewed Doug Govoni
01/11/2014 Helped me buy a home

Doug made our home purchase a breeze. We were able to convey our needs and he immediately delivered. He brings a level of charm and eloquence to the real estate market that I have never seen before. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone searching for that next new home.

meaghanrobrien reviewed Doug Govoni
12/11/2013 Helped me buy a home

This experience was my first in buying a home and Doug was knowledgeable and very willing to explain the process to me. He was always available and easy to contact. He always discussed the pros and cons of the decisions with me so that I could make the decision for myself, equipped with the proper details to make informed decisions throughout the process. Doug is very easy-going and a pleasure to work with.

Admcan8 reviewed Doug Govoni
11/27/2013 Helped me buy a home

As first time home buyers my wife and I didn’t have much experience or knowledge about how the process works. When we decided we were ready to get serious, I reached out to Doug. When we first met, he immediately walked us through the process, anticipating many of our questions, and answering any questions we did have. He understood what we were looking for and immediately went to work. At the same time Doug provided recomendations for loans/insurace research and helped us through the application process. After our initial meeting Doug setup a personal email notification for any new listings available that met the criteria we were looking for. This was very helpful in identifying properties we were interested in and eventually lead to finding our home.

When we started to look at houses Dough was very accomodating. He would schedule apointments on our time and was always on time. During the viewings he wasn’t “selling” us on the homes. He was very honest and critical of the homes we were looking at, often pointing out things that we did not notice or even think of. Having Doug on our side was confidence building and we were able to learn a lot.

When we were ready to make our first offer on a home, Doug was very reassuring. He was always calm and it helped us during perhaps the most stressful part of the process; offer/acceptance. Doug coached us on an approach, recommended a fair offer and was a great communicator. He kept us up to date on statuses and when we had an agreement he was available to move to the next step immediately. We were able to find the exact home we were looking for within our price range thanks to Doug.

Our preferred location was in the south shore. If you are looking in this area, Doug is the guy for you. Being from the area Doug seemed to know everything about each town we visited; restaurants, schools, beaches you name it.

Doug made what was initially an intimidating process: clear, educational and smooth. If/when we ever decide to move out of our home we will certainly be contacting Doug, just as most of my friends and family have since our experience working with him. Thank you Doug!

user8883518 reviewed Doug Govoni
02/06/2013 Helped me buy a home

Doug was great with helping us locate, view, and ultimately by a home that met our needs and fit our budget. We had very busy schedules, but Doug worked around our schedules to show us listings. He also communicated with us regularly and with every step along the way. Doug was very helpful and the process went smoothly.

user7200467 reviewed Doug Govoni
01/28/2013 Helped me buy a home

Doug handled my first-time home buying experience with the utmost care and attention. His commitment to helping me find the perfect home was matched only by his enthusiasm and positive attitude. Despite the many obstacles that arose during the inspection and negotiations, Doug was able to help me through the entire process with ease and confidence. As far as service is concerned, I truly believe that Doug has set the standard.